50 States - 08/50 - Delaware


Bit of a strange one Delaware. It's the second smallest of the States (with only Rhode Island being smaller). I didn't take any photos whilst I was there (so I've substituted some from Maryland - still the same trip), but I did learn a few things about the place interestingly enough. It's a funny little state and not too far from DC.

Yes these lovely photos are actually from Maryland, with one exception - the bar sign towards the end where we stopped for our oh-so-brief visit. However, the neighouring areas around Delaware such as Assateague Island are just too nice not to include in this writeup. In all these cases, they were taken not far from the State border so I figure I can include them here.

Assateague camping

Delaware used to be a part of Pennsylvania for a short time, as the current landowner there wanted access to the sea. However, now it sides just to the side of Maryland. Driving through Delaware, the countryside seems to be very flat, with a great many farms and small towns. There doesn't seem to be a lot there if I'm looking at it with my city eyes. Occasionally, you see a road-side stop with a farmer setting up for a day roasting chickens for sale. There are a few small towns that have seen better times, but are flanked on the outskirts by very rich looking estates. It reminds me a little of my own small home village of Tarleton, back in Lancashire. I wonder what all these people must do with their lives.

One thing they do is punkin-chunkin, which sounds amazing and oh-so-American. It's a contest to see how far one can throw a pumpkin. And when I say throw, I really mean launch. Any contraption is allowed and mayhem ensues! It's called Punkin chunkin and it's the world championships no less. Sadly, in 2016, someone was injured and the event has been cancelled for the foreseeable future as everyone starts sueing everyone, as you do in the USA. There's something quite American but also quite rural. It's the kind of thing I can totally get behind as it sounds like an amazingly fun activity and one that a group of people can really get behind and gel. I do hope it comes back.

Assateague early morning

Most of Delaware we saw from the road, as we were driving through to the remote parts of Maryland. The one place we did stop was along the coast, just north of Ocean City. We'd stopped to get some lunch. I chose a sort of crab-cake burger. When it arrived, the cake was basically nothing but the tastiest crab meat I'd ever tried! It was amazing! Delaware and Maryland, and probably most of this coast, is really quite good for it's seafood. If you are a seafood fan, this is definitely a good place to go.

Delaware has some interesting rules regarding it's corporate tax. A great many American companies are based here because there are some quite friendly laws that apply apparently. Not sure what these are but according to Wikipedia, more than half of all publicly traded US companies are based out of there.

ocean city board walk

The capital is Wilmington - a town I'd not really heard of. It has at least two interesting facts. Firstly, it has a circular border around it that forms the only circular state border in the USA. Secondly, it is incredibly violent with a great many homicides. We didn't visit fortunately, but for such a small state, it's quite scary how violent it's capital apparently is. I can't speak first-hand of that but apparently, it always appears on shows with names like "America's murder capitals" and the like.

lunch spot

Our time in Delaware was brief. As with most states, I could always spend more time there but with Delaware, I think it is interesting largely because of certain things it represents or high-lights. It's not a place I'd go out of my way to visit necessarily - it's perhaps more fun (and safer) to read about it from a distance, on Wikipedia.