Phantom Limb at the Science Museum



Im quite excited to see this display. At the back of the Science Museum, in the Antenna area, there is a new exhibition called Painless that deals with the new ways researchers are tackling pain.

The display features four different projects that cover the spectrum of odd pain-relief. My area focused on the phantom-limb syndrome. One delt with how pain is and isnt remembered. The third was concerned with spider venom and it's uses in not feeling any pain, whereas the final piece talks about volunteering to aid pain research.

The displays feature a short video and some of the objects that are invovled. In our case, there are 3 objects in the central case; a kinect, a replica hat and a pair of vuzix glasses. On the far left is a prosthetic arm and on the right, a feature object - in this case, a mirror box. This layout is repeated for each of the stations. Overall, I felt the layout was quite good.


About half-way through the video, you can see me, with my ubiquitous hat on, programming in the background, furiously, on my mac! The day the science museum came to the department was quite good fun. It was certainly interesting to see a film crew from the otherside.

painless Im glad to see some of my work in a museum. I think this is one of the works I'm most proud of because it does seem to have some effect in making someone's life a little better, physically and measurably, which doesn't happen often in computer graphics.

Next time, I'll bring a better camera than my iPhone! :D