The Obligatory RaspberryPi Post


ClassyPi Yes indeed! Basically, anyone in the tech sector who hasn't heard about the Raspberry Pi really needs to consider their chosen field. Any of these who haven't blogged about it - well done! There was a spate of ohmagerd! Im lighting up my LED over the internet with a Raspberry Pi and YOU DONT HAVE ONE! Now the rage is over, I feel I can share my build at last.

So yes, this is the classy pi. I've enclosed it inside an amazing frame my girlfriend and I found on ebay. The plan is to create somthing we actually like looking at, that fits the aesthetic of our flat. Sure, an iPad is a thing, but I want to stare at some lovely art, know what the weather will be like and can I go out and use my telescope tonight - all whilst drinking my coffee in my morning slippers. This is that thing!


The build uses a wooden frame mounted onto a spare, 15" flat panel. Im using a DVI to HDMI convertor, an HTC Desire charger (or something similar), a 4 Gig Compact Flash with the latest Raspbian and a laser cut plastic enclosure. Im also using a WiFi USB dongle. The setup is:


I had awful problems getting the thing to run for longer than about 10 minutes. In the end, after trying several cards, power supplies and the rest, I returned the Pi and received a working one that has no problems.

I've so far, not written the software for it though I've had a play with cameras and I can say that the PS3 Eyetoy and the Logitech C910 both work great with this board - well, as great as can be expected.

Once I get my python head on, I'll be making lots of use of this!