Graphics Hackspace


Graphics Hackspace

There has been a fair bit of interest at the London Hackspace regarding OpenGL and computer graphics in general. A while back, I ran a workshop on Python and it seemed quite succesful. Some people wondered about having a graphics workshop as well and I figured that might be no bad thing.

Graphic Hackspace is basically, like the music hackspace. The plan is to have some talks and possibly a workshop afterwards. Im hoping the workshop will be on the basics of OpenGL and how to get something pretty up and running.

I originally thought of as a place to advertise but their costs are pretty high for just a month or so. That said, perhaps buying both the domains for and dot com is perhaps overally silly. Nevertheless, we do have a funky page over at which runs rather nicely using Jekyll, Bootstrap and Processing.js; all wonderful little libraries.

Our first session will be at 7pm, August the 17th at the London Hackspace. Do come along. We have two great speakers already; I'm quite looking forward to what they have to say.