Custom Space Invader Waistcoat


Waistcoat Its fair to say that Im quite disillusioned with clothing in general and shop bought merchandise for men tends to be bland and just not fun unless you have loads of money. I personally feel that this needs to be changed. The Curator is an excellent seamstress and has been teaching me some tailoring and here is the first result.

The whole thing is custom made and fits like a glove. The pockets were quite a challenge and indeed, there were a few tantrums before bedtime; it was a hell of a learning curve but finally, the waistcoat has seen the light of day. Thankfully, my girlfriend is very patient and a good teacher. Sewing with lovely super 100s material is quite lovely. Working from a pattern, basting, welted pockets and other such challenges were met and overcome, but I certainly could never have done this on my own.


The buttons are quite nifty. Designed with QCad and then cut with a laser cutter, these little beauties bring the whole ensemble together. Originally I had thought of laser cutting a small hole through the orange perspex behind but it didn't quite work. In the end I bought some shanks from eBay and glued them on. It turns out the little flashes of orange really make it. Of course, the bottom button is the turret - slightly offset.


If I make these again, I'll need to take into account the beam-width most likely, as the smaller pixels are barely more than melted slivers of plastic. The next challenge will be a set made by shapeways or milled from aluminium most likely.