New Lab


So I've left CSM and started ltd and Im open for business with a new desk! :D

New Desk

Im working with the University of Leeds at the moment; the strange article to the left of the photo is the current project that I can't say too much about. Im looking at a lot of WebGL work outside of that and a few physcial projects that need to be built so its all go.

3D desk

Its good to be back in the swing of building cool things again though its pretty tough. I spent a while settling down to it. I hunted around London for a few different venues and settled on a shared desk with Ping Dynasty who live above London Hackspace. This has proven to be quite useful. The space is close by enough so I can use the tools but I have a secure area of my own where experiments can be left and things made. It seems to work so far, though I still have far too much to get done! :D

I'd looked at other shared desk spaces and a few artist studios. The problem with the latter is a limited company is not allowed to work out of such a space. In addition the security is quite poor and the locations were not ideal. I'd looked at a proper office over near the river at the Southbank which sounded great and wasn't too expensive but the problem here was the distance from where I live, the people I seem to be working with and potential clients. The east end of London is certainly where all the cool stuff goes down.

Its scary but its a new beginning in a way and I'm quite excited!

Unit 30, Cremer Business Centre, Cremer St, London E2 8HD if you fancy popping by for a cuppa! :D