EL-Tape Mesh Top


EL-Mesh Top

EL-Tape and EL-Wire have been around for a few years. We've all seen Tron Guy and all the rest. For me, EL-Wire is only suitable for rigid objects. It looks naff when it's just sewn on with no thought or style behind it. Lady Ada's EL-Wire Bag is probably the best example of how EL-Wire should be used, in my humble design opinion.

EL-Tape has its own challenges though. It's flatter and wider as you'd expect and there have been a few good designs out there. The Quora costumes aren't bad and I'm sure you know of other examples. I wanted something that was work-a-day, fun and looked good without being cliche, or tron-esque though hinting at it of course.

Mighty Singer

The Curator is an excellent seamstress, among her many other talents, and I've been learning how to improve my own sewing skills. She came up with the idea of using an elastic, fishnet sleeve to contain the tape. We don't actually sew the tape at all. This has many advantages. By using a spiral, the top can flex quite easily with the arm.

The wire for the invertor goes down the back. Im using the invertor and tape from Adafruit Industries who I highly recommend.

El-Tape Mesh Top

The top came from Uniqlo who generally make good stuff (I'm told) and although the sewing was challenging, the material made the sewing not quite as hard as it could have been.