Bag of Holding +10


Bag of Holding

It most certainly is. I've been sick and tired of bags that just don't cut it. They don't hold enough, they are awkward and they simply break. After the last one died with my laptop in it, I made a bag myself in a day that lasted quite a while, but it was one hell of a hack. I didn't quite like that. Thanks to the amazing Katie, we came up with something a bit nicer.

It's made of ripstop nylon and webbing - both bought from eBay. It has a reflective strip and a plastic clip with stips of velcro under the flap and inside the pockets.

Bag of Holding

I decided it needed to have both messenger strips and rucksack straps because no matter how good the shoulder strap, if you are taking weight whilst cycling, the bag will slip to down near your legs. However, when walking and trying to reach for your keys, you need the shoulder strap.

The pockets are internal to stop people theiving from them if the flap is loose. There is plenty of space for a lot of gear, which is great. The whole thing is double or triple stiched and is damn tough.

Bag of Holding

The whole project was a massive learning curve for me as I had to learn a lot of extra sewing skills. The planning and the order that things were done in was quite a challenge for me. The sewing machine used was an older singer, with a proper footpedal. It took a while for me to get used to it, but in the end it was lovely to use. Of course, such things were not designed to go through several layers of thick nylon. Nevertheless, we got there in the end.

It's one of these things whereby I could have cut corners (no pun intended) or just not bothered but then, when you are lugging things around everyday and getting stressed in these small ways, it pays to fix the small things, as these are the things that'll get to you in the end. This was a quality move. I'm quite proud of it. Lets hope it lasts.