Late Night Coding


I've been quite busy of late, again, not with the real job but my real job. Recently, I was up in Manchester at the Amaze offices, working solidly for 3 days on a kinect based project for the Lowry. It's still under wraps at the moment but progress has been made. The other partners felt the need to spend time getting the basics nailed. Working piecemeal on a project is only fine for so long. When things need to get done, the tough get going.

Looking a little knackered I think

For 3 days, there was nothing but drizzle and overcast skies. It's fair to say that Manchester's awful weather actually helps with the Kinect's camera. In bright sunlight, forget it! I never thought I'd be glad to see the greyeness of the north.

To be complete, we tested our setup in the evening also. It turned out that night-time results are better though only marginally.

Looking a little knackered I think

Testing in Manchester at night does have unique problems. Standing around with a bright apple logo attracts a certain kind of person. A bunch of scallies decided to pop over and have a chat. To be fair, we actually learnt a lot - they were playful and wanted to see how the code worked. Some of them had only about 3 teeth which was quite worrying. Neverthess, one of them asked what I'd written the code in. I told him Cinder and he said he had written some basic 'point and click' games at college. I got the impression that secretly, he wanted to be a geek. I hope I've helped him with that.

Since I've caught a cold as well, I'm quite knackered, but if you are in Manchester early next month, be sure to checkout Piccadilly Gardens.