USB Eartunnel


USB Eartunnel

As well as printing out a few cases for electronics and a scan of my face, I figured I could prototype my little idea. I guess thats the real strength of the whole makerbot and printing culture. I'd tried an RFID earring before but it was pretty crap and didn't work so well. I love the wires they use in Ghost in the Shell, like this:

The problem is, in Ghost in the Shell, they tend to carry an attachment which looks like a collar that contains an extendible cable. Thats fine if you have an interface direct to the brain but for us mere dreamers, its probably not going to work.


It does work though, which I'm quite pleased about. I designed this in Google Sketchup then exported to STL. The walls are 1.5mm thick but I reckon we could get it down to around 1mm with the printer at fablab.

Perhaps an RFID ring is a better idea? I'd really like to take the iCuffLink idea of Lady Ada and make that work with WiFi. Can you imagine it? A wifi pendant that glows in the presence of strong wifi! I'll get to it! :D