First Ever Installation Success


Yes, I am returning from the North after a very productive few days. The animation10 festival was a great success. A lot of school kids are now interested in retro PC parts, QR Codes and computer vision which can only be a good thing! The kids were a great laugh and there were some talented ones among them for sure. Had a nice chat with a 12 year old about Blender and Python! Amazing!

I'll be posting up video, time-lapses and photos here on the blog and on Flickr once I get them off the official photographer guys. There's quite a lot to go through and many lessons were learnt. GStreamer, Openframeworks, Arduino and Python all kept up to the task with MPlayer and ffmpeg working hard behind the scenes. Having a mixture of scripting languages and hardcore C works well I think for this sort of thing. Having the build environment with me helped a lot too though I think I may switch away from that in the future.

All in all, great energy, positive vibe and lessons learnt. I shall rock on like the Rock and Roll Computer Scientist I am!

Also, many thanks to all these who put me up over the last 6 days and i'm sorry i didnt get to see everyone. finally, remember this: you are never too old to put a traffic cone on the head of a statue in Leeds!

UPDATE! I did have a timelapse but I'm not sure on the legal rights since it features kids so heres an iPhone panorama instead: