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Giant Tetris on a building; RI Xmas Lectures

Myself and Tom Wyatt were approached by the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures this year to help with one of the demos for the lectures; a giant game of Tetris to be played on the side of the Shell Building, Opposite the London Eye. Of course, such opportunities don't often arise, so we jumped at the chance! A fun, interesting project to inspire children to hack more with their gadgets and possibly annoy their parents in the process! Fantastic!

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UTOPIA Bio-informatics Toolkit

UTOPIA is a collection of two programs and set of plugins written in Python. Cinema is a sequence alignment tool and Ambrosia is a 3D visualiation program. The two are designed to work together; one can visualise a particular section of a protein and analyze the 3D structure of certain elements. Both programs can load python plugins to import different sequences and alignments, allowing researchers to work with different online databases (of which there are many I've found).

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31-03-2015 Transsiberian Part 12 - Mongolian Border with China

Our train from Ulan Bataar leaves around 7:15 am, so another early start for us. It's cold in the morning - below zero in fact - but soon, it will be blazing hot. That's the thing with Mongolia. It's a place of extremes. Despite getting to the station on time, our train hasn't pulled in yet. This one has come all the way from Beijing to Moscow, and is now making it's way back again along the same route, so it probably had delays at the border.

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30-03-2015 Transsiberian Part 11 - Ulan Bataar

Our train pulls into Ulan-Bataar at 6am! This means we end up getting out of bed at 4:30am after having quite a broken night's sleep thanks to the cars being re-attached to various trains as we cross Mongolia.

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Experiments 2

Echo Forms


A coffeegl and WebRTC Kaliedoscope. It even works with YouTube

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Asteroids returns with this processing.js port.

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Amiga Bouncing Ball

Amiga Bouncing ball

A remake of a classic demo, in processing.js

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