High Performance Computing at Daresbury


I spent a week at STFC Daresbury, learning about HPC and science!

UTOPIA Bio-informatics Toolkit

UTOPIA is a collection of two programs and set of plugins written in Python. Cinema is a sequence alignment tool and Ambrosia is a 3D visualiation program. The two are designed to work together; one can visualise a particular section of a protein and analyze the 3D structure of certain elements. Both programs can load python plugins to import different sequences and alignments, allowing researchers to work with different online databases (of which there are many I've found).

Bullseye's playground for Target and Psyop

I was asked to help out with Target's latest marketing campaign; a set of mobile games running through WebGL, called Bullseye's Playground

Echoforms at Lexus NX Launch

Hellicar and Lewis and I were asked by Lexus to take EchoForms to their launch event in Paris.

900 RGB LED Screen

I've been interested in large pixel displays for a while now. As part of EMFCamp2014, I decided to submit a proposal to the shiny projects part of the camp. I wanted to create a 30 x 30 RGB LED screen after working with another designer chap and link it to the Internet, letting the festival go-ers update it with images over the weekend.

Kaleidoscope for Lexus

It's not often I do advertising work. It all depends on who I'm working with and what the challenge is. In this case, I was approached by Hellicar & Lewis to build a WebGL based Kaleidoscope in about 4 days. No small order really, but I decided to step up and give it a bash.

The Equatorie

I was approached by The Whipple Museum at the University of Cambridge to help build a 3D representation of the Equatorie as part of the digitisation of the original manuscript. I was teamed up with a lovely historian Seb Falk, who you may have seen running the London Marathon as the London Gherkin. Together, we got cracking.

Oculus Rift, meet Phantom Limb Therapy

Working with the University of Manchester, I built a 3D engine that combines the oculus rift, the asus xtion and the MD5 Model format attempting to treat sufferers of Phantom Limb Pain This is version 3 of the project and is the best yet, thanks largely to the Oculus Rift.

Photo-realistic hands

The University of Manchester came to me, asking if I could render a series of hands that were as realistic as possible. The plan is to fool a human into thinking the resulting images are real. With that in place, certain parameters can be tweeked in order to facilitate an experiment into mirror neurons.

Burberry Kisses, with Google and Grow Interactive

Recently, I was approached to work on the new Burberry Kisses campaign with many other people, in order to help Google and Grow Interactive get their interactve maps in order.This involved working in WebGL, javascript and a little bit of Unity.



A processing.js remake of the classic game 'Asteroids'. You can play it right now in your browser.



A WebGL Kaleidoscope that remixes youtube videos. It can even use your webcam for some really trippy effects!

Amiga Bouncing Ball

Amiga Bouncing Ball

A remake of the classic Amiga bouncing ball, written in processing.js. If you fancy a little nostalgia in your browser, this is for you.