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Oculus Rift, meet Phantom Limb Therapy

Working with the University of Manchester, I built a 3D engine that combines the oculus rift, the asus xtion and the MD5 Model format attempting to treat sufferers of Phantom Limb Pain This is version 3 of the project and is the best yet, thanks largely to the Oculus Rift.

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Photo-realistic hands

The University of Manchester came to me, asking if I could render a series of hands that were as realistic as possible. The plan is to fool a human into thinking the resulting images are real. With that in place, certain parameters can be tweeked in order to facilitate an experiment into mirror neurons.

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the studio

Hello! I'm Benjamin Blundell and I formed this little company, sitting at the intersection of technology, science and the arts. I like to work with companies, universities, academics and other institutions who want to make things that amaze, help people in their everyday lives and are fun and interesting. Im based in London and have worked for many people across the UK and the world.

If you have need of a creative technologist, programmmer, and all round geek, then we should talk. I can be found online, all over at places like twitter, flickr or even github.


21-04-2014 Revision Demo Scene Party

I've been quite busy, working on a few professional and personal projects, But I took some time out to do something I've never done, and have wanted to do for a while - visit a demo-party! The demo scene is something I've long be interested in and have had little chance to see for myself.

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05-02-2014 Phantom Limb Dev Diary Part 3

Skeletal Animation is annoyingly hard! To be fair though, its the real crux of this whole gig. Getting the skinning working right, the bones all moving properly and the whole thing being easy to use is 90% of this project. So i’ve been spending a fair bit of time with the MD5 model format.

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Amiga Bouncing Ball

Amiga Bouncing ball

A remake of a classic demo, in processing.js

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Asteroids returns with this processing.js port.

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